Ginger Moo was set up in 2006 with a clear sense that art could be used to bring people together, engage with communities and enhance lives .

We set out to do this by championing lesser known professional artists from a variety of disciplines including fine art, illustration and photography. Three years later, we set up a gallery space in Crawley’s County Mall where we could bring their paintings, sculpture and handcrafted furniture to a wider audience.

The belief in community work remained. We used the gallery space to host creative workshops and as a hub for partnerships with local businesses and organisations. This was so successful that today it is our sole focus.


Over the years we have worked with a number of businesses and organisations. These include Crawley Borough Council, Manor Royal, Function London, Mount Carmel, The Hawth Theatre, the WRVS, Oriel School, Hazelwick School, Same Sky and Northampton Academy.

Our focus has always remained a belief that art can change lives and communities, and that this can be a vehicle for bringing new artists to public attention.

Whether you are looking to place artworks in a commercial setting, have the need for exterior visuals or simply want to procure our services to inspire your students in a creative project, we may be able to help.



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